About Us

IRIIS TRADING, established in 2011, is an international supplier of top-notch products optimally selected and conglomerated from the best markets in the world. We engage and trade with some of the most reputed clients based in globally esteemed business hubs like Singapore, UAE and Hong Kong. Presently specialising in gourmet grocery and high-end electronics, we envision providing the local, as well as the global hotspots with a trove of first-string merchandise present worldwide.

The Founder and Visionary: Dikshit Jhanb

Dikshit's education, as well as his experience, has been nothing short of eclectic. He has pursued degrees in Marketing, Human Resources, Hospitality & Tourism, Accounting and Food & Beverages at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland & Coventry University, London. The one adjective he says he would prefer for himself is 'relentless'. Having spent quite a few years abroad in the midst of people from all over the world, he very well understands international culture and communities. His global outlook, coupled with his acute sense of trade and commerce, allows him to swiftly transition from one time zone to another and continue with business as usual. He has had years of working experience with prominent international as well as domestic organisations in the hospitality sector. Dikshit agrees that these years have been very crucial for the conception of IRIIS. Through IRIIS, he wants to actively participate in the global trade ecosystem and bring the benefits of world class products to India and vice versa.

Our key ethos

Market Research

"Without data you're just another person with an opinion." – W. Edwards Deming
Being driven followers of this quote, we, at IRIIS TRADING, believe that market research is the focal point in order to flourish and prosper in the global network of trade and commerce. The best quality of the products, costing research, consumer consumption of a market and economic patterns – we acquire deep cognizance of all these factors; getting the facts right works for us. Since the company's inception, Dikshit, the founder of IRIIS TRADING personally surveys and analyses multiple markets to get the choicest of products and target the right customers.

Uniqueness & Innovation

Our ability to bring about the new and unique to the fore is what makes us stand out in the ever expanding global trade mesh. We strive to gather the latest technology and high-end products available internationally to cater to not only the masses, but also the connoisseurs.

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